Watch/do not read

WATCH:  the film Take Shelter.  The movie has received mixed reviews due to its slightly ambiguous, Rod Sterling-esque ending, but I personally loved the ending.  It’s one of those films that balances between keeping you on edge and outright frightening you without even approaching the genre of a horror movie.  The acting skills of Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon really shine here.  

Do not read: The Last Life by Claire Messud.  Well, if you are really into African-French culture, particularly that of modern pieds-noirs in Algeria, in the perspective of a young woman, perhaps, yes.  I give it a 7/10 for extremely good writing on the part of Ms. Messud, who is clearly gifted, but I wasn’t enthralled by the story.  I was never bored by the book, but I was never moved by it.  I admit that I have unfair, higher standards for fiction than for non-fiction, and when it comes to newer fiction, I am even more critical.